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Upgrade the heart of your home to perfectly suit your unique taste and personality. We've always heard, the kitchen is the centre of your home. We can execute complex kitchen remodelling projects and can even assist you in making minor kitchen updates. Possibilities for design and construction are nearly endless, and we're sure you happy.

- Sufficient storage in the right places.
- Sufficient counter space in the right places.
- An efficient working area.
- Appropriate amount of appliances for the size. If you have a small kitchen then don’t sacrifice counter space and storage for a steam oven and warmer drawer.
- Access to natural light and well lit.
- The level of ‘kitchen working area privacy’ is right for you. Some people want a kitchen with the table in the middle of the action. Others prefer the kitchen work area to be out of view from the eating area and to be able to get a bit of peace in the kitchen.
- The kitchen is fairly near an entrance to allow groceries to be brought into the kitchen easily.

When it comes to enjoying your kitchen, countertops play a pivotal role. Whether you are looking for something more durable and attractive than what you currently have or just want to give new life to your aging countertops, we are here for your one-call solution!

- Quartz: It mimics the look of stone but requires less maintenance. Hot pots, serrated knives, abrasive pads, and most stains were no match for quartz, which is a combination of mineral, color, and resin. It comes in vibrant colors in addition to patterns that look like granite and marble.
- Granite: Each slab of this natural material is unique; rare colors and veining cost more. Heat, cuts, and scratches didn’t harm granite in our tests. Polished and matte finishes resisted most stains when properly sealed, so pick the look you prefer.
- Soapstone, Limestone, and Marble: Soapstone isn’t as common as granite, and it’s superb at resisting heat damage. Small scratches can be repaired by sanding finely and applying mineral oil. Limestone (pictured) and marble are classic materials. Limestone also has a natural-stone look without heavy veining or graining, and it resists heat.

Turn your design dreams into reality with our unique selection of premium cabinet doors, components, and hardware. Our selection of décor collections and decorative panels contain a wide array of patterns, textures, and tones, allowing you to find exactly what you need.

- Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Doors: The shaker is perhaps the most popular kitchen cabinet door style, not just because it is completely versatile but also because it comes in many designs, colors, and sizes to meet every homeowner’s needs.
- Slab Kitchen Cabinet Doors: Slab doors have one feature that makes them stand out from all kitchen cabinet doors – they don’t have frames. One piece of wood typically makes up the entire door and is attached directly to the sides of the cabinet.
- Louvered Kitchen Cabinet Doors: The best part about this style is that it is not just meant for kitchen cabinets; you can use it on the main kitchen door, windows, and even on closets.
- Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors: Glass doors add a touch of elegance to kitchen cabinets, allowing you to see what is inside the cabinets. They have grown in popularity in recent years and can be a great option for people looking for something other than ordinary wooden doors.


For more than three decades, home-builders, interior designers, cabinet makers, and homeowners have
trusted Indocan Kitchen for their cabinet

1. Types of kitchen hardware: Your hardware should be in keeping with the style of your kitchen but it must be comfortable to use, too.
2. Size and positing of handles: Consider proportion, balance, aesthetics and function when deciding upon the size of a knob or pull for your kitchen cabinetry.
3. Determine if you want a knob or pull
4. Figure out if you want square or curved

1.Consider the material: Be realistic about how much use the sink will get and how frequently (and thoroughly) you plan to clean it.
2. Choose a drop-in or under-mount: As the name suggests, a drop-in sink drops into the counter. Alternatively, an undermount sink attaches beneath the counter, creating a seamless look.
3. Determine if you'll need to adjust your cabinets: Think of your cabinets as the foundation for your sink. Depending on what you’re working with already, you have to choose your style carefully, unless you’re doing a complete renovation.

Have you ever wondered where you can find new and trending cabinet pulls, cabinet knobs, and cabinet hardware? Or where you can get well built and tested sinks and other cabinet accessories? How about where you can find all the screws, mounting plates and other bits and pieces you need to install your cabinet hardware? Well, you've come to the right place!

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